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Organic content controls in the age of non-interruptive marketing – but search engine marketing still very effective with instant result.

Our SEM experts can help you use paid search as a strategic enhancement to your content marketing campaigns.

What Is SEM /PPC / Digital ADs?

Search engine marketing is a system of paid search advertising that sponsors your content at the very top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The publisher of the ad pays a fee every time a user clicks on the paid search result, which means SEM is a type of pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising.

Why SEM /PPC / Digital Ads in Dubai?

Digital Marketing in Dubai has largely revolved away from paid advertising & promotions in the past decade, as evidenced through the swift rise of content marketing.

We can help you with:

However, SEM or PPC and other forms of click advertising still have considerable strategic value when used carefully as part of a higher marketing strategy. Some of the reasons why you should use SEM in your digital marketing efforts include the following:

Better Click through rate

Click-through rates (CTR) for most forms of display advertising average less than 0.5%. This means that, of the users who see a display ad, less than half a percent will actually click on it.

Quick Results

Getting your way to SERP Page 1 of search results in Google or Bing and other search engines through organic content marketing takes time and effort – up to 180 days in many cases.

Brand Awareness

Organic or Non-paid search results on the first half of SERP Page 1 regularly see Click through rates of 50% or more, which is well better than the 2% delivered through PPC or SEM paid search.

Shortcuts to Product or Services Pages

Major search engines like Google, Baidu and Bing provide PPC shopping promotions and ads that list toward the top of a SERP. Where you can generate sales or leads instantly based on your targets and goal.

Google offers Local Service Ads that local-services businesses can use to rank higher in search results. Unlike paid search, publishers pay for lead generation, not for clicks. Leads count as phone calls, messages or bookings made through the ad.

What happens when you opt for the SEM service?

SEM can be essential in helping you influence the top positions on your search engine page SERP. Whether it’s Google, Bing, Baidu, or any other platform, you can influence our SEM services to generate quality leads and ultimately improve conversions. Furthermore, you can control the popularity of search engines to curate convincing ads for your products or services and grab the guest or clients’ attention at first glimpse. Being developed with expertise in providing SEM or PPC services in Dubai, we can help you become one of the top players in your business.